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About the Program
Dinner Date: December 9, 2022

This Proposal   describes an initiative of the SSNCCIA for rewarding the most performing businesses in their different categories and sectors, it is an annual event that started in 2014. This program is envisaged to inspire Companies to illustrate better business conduct. The event will draw members in different sectors of the economy to compete favorably for the Awards in their specific sector. The Chamber through a panel of experienced Business experts’ will award the best companies in their categories and specialization who have shown commitment in the areas of support to South Sudan Economy during the difficult time by:

  1. Delivery of quality services to their clients,
  2. Creating employment for the citizens
  3. Supported the community through corporate social responsibility,
  4. Training of their staff,
  5. Being accountable and transparent,
  6. Fair playing in doing business through Pricing and payment.
The Objectives
  1. Position the Yearly Award in the minds of all Businesses Entities
  2. To encourage a culture of competitiveness
  3. Encourage Business Entities to Participate in the annually Awards
  4. Promote the culture of high product and quality service in the market
  5. Reward various business entities that comply to the set quality and standards
  6. Encourage employment of nationals with sufficient skills in different sectors of the economy.
  7. Encourage establishments by prominent investors who are both local and  international.
  8. Promote the culture of business networking among members

Companies that have rendered Excellent Services rewarded and exposed to the entire population and the world for the efforts they have exerted in changing the life of South Sudanese and their positive Contribution to the Economy.            


SSNCCIA hosted on Chamber Web Site the best companies of the Year in their different categories by the   end of December 2022.

SSNCCIA members Networked with one another and even build up business   relationships through being bonded together by the Chamber’s spirit during the dinner and beyond.

SSNCCIA members interacted with key political leaders, various senior government officials and shared some Challenges facing the business community in the Republic of South Sudan during the dinner.

SSNCCIA members got enlightened and briefed by the Transitional Government of National Unity with its role in promoting private sector in RSS.

The Chamber Quality Awards will have a wide range of categories focusing on every element in business. Below are the categories:

Platinum Awards
  • Best petroleum company of the year
  • Best Telecommunication Company of the year
  • Best Bank of the year
  • Best insurance Company of the year
  • Best Mobile Internet provide of the year
  • Best Employer Award of the year
  • Most Innovative Company of the year
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Award of the year
  • Business person of the year
  • Investor Award of the year
  • Life time business Award
  • Energy and gas retailers of the year
Gold Awards
  • Best Airline Company of the Year
  • Young Entrepreneur of the year
  • Best Logistic Company of the Year
  • Best Mobile Finance Platform of the Year
  • Best Internet provider of the year -Ips
  • Best Fiber optic internet provider of the year
  • Best Microfinance Company of the year
  • Best Digital Finance platform of year
  • Best Manufacturer Award of the year
  • Best Hotel of the year
  • Best Private security firm of the year
  • ICT Company of the year
Silver Awards
  • Best Waste Management Company of the year
  • Best Water Brand of the year
  • Best Agro-business company of the year
  • Best Construction Company of the year
  • Private medical provider of the Year
  • Woman Entrepreneur of the year
  • Pharmaceutical company of the year
  • Best water drilling company of the year
  • SME-ICT company of the year
Bronze Awards
  • Best Newspaper company of the year
  • Best Radio station of the year
  • Travel Agent of the Year
  • Best Printing and Branding Company of the year
  • Best Beer brand of the year
  • Advertising company of the year
  • Commercial Legal firm of the Year
  • Clearing and forwarding Company of the Year
  • Events management company of the year
SSNCCIA overall Award of the year.

This Award will be determined by the panel of Experts who are the Judges in consultation with the SSNCCIA Executive board Members

Launching of the programme and Key Dates

The Chamber Quality Award programme will be launched in the Second of week of October with promotional campaigns throughout October and November using both online and offline channels to the targeted audience. The programme will be massively promoted via, radio, TV, social media, billboards, Newspapers, Business Magazines and e-newsletters to raise awareness of the Awards programme and our sponsors with the program summary as listed below.

  • Program launch: Second week of October
  • Call for Nomination: Second Week of October
  • Nomination Deadline: Last Week of November
  •  Awards Dinner: First week of December